Open for international tribe joiners 💚
Dear ones, a super experience is coming!
We have UPleveled the concept of a “healing camp” by combining powerful acupuncture treatments, guided meditations, vulnerability circles, WITH adventure, fun, relaxation, connection. 
All this in a setting where healing is easily facilitated . 
We encourage you to give yourself permission to take this quality time.
As adults, we forget that we also need a pause button. And what if this button meant a HEALING CAMP dedicated to our needs? 
By working intensively with people for the last 5 years, I recognized the need for a safe framework in which we can bring to the surface various parts of ourselves ( parts that are otherwise suppressed and very well kept under control by various internal mechanisms)
These days spent with us will give you the opportunity to experience various practices and sessions that have the role of rebalancing you on all levels, of bringing to the surface various emotions, blockages, with the aim of healing them. 
We have prepared many surprises for you!

Last spots available

710 EUR 510 / Person
  • all meals included - vegetarian menu/ gluten free options - Concept of Healing with food
  • 4 nights accommodation @akasharetreats
  • acupuncture treatments
  • guided meditations
  • thematic workshops
  • open discussion circles
  • INTEGRATION of shadow work
  • traditional sauna/infrared sauna
  • hot tub jacuzzi
  • Bonfire Night/ Fire ceremony
  • Forest Spa- walks in nature
  • Cinema at the location/ Movie night

✍🏻Limited spots available

Diana Badea

Intuitive Healer & Therapist